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Learning the Dutch culture through language and art
Zamaradi’s vision is to make you feel at home and connected in the Netherlands. Learning the Dutch language will help you with that. But there is another language that connects us, a universal language, one that does not need words. I am talking about the language of art.

Throughout the history of mankind, we have been communicating and expressing ourselves. Through the sounds of language, but also through the language of signs. From cave paintings, hieroglyphs and the earliest books to modern art and all its endless possibilities to express our thoughts and feelings.

Zamaradi and Art Gallery 46-ART are bringing the language of words and the language of art together, in a unique association in the Coengebouw (Coen building). In temporary exhibitions, you can get to know the work of both Dutch as well as international artists.

All our Dutch courses are therefore taught in an inspiring exhibition room, in Amsterdam – known for its typically Dutch characteristics, but also a meeting place for cultures from over the whole world.


First image: fragment of The waves (2015), Ineke van der Wal
Second image: Emeraude van Deenen (Zamaradi Communications) and Wouter van Deenen (46 ART) in front of Wij zijn onsterfelijk (1957), Ernst Leyden

Art and Dutch Classes

Current Project:
Thijs Quispel

Zamaradi Communications 46 ART BV

Previous Project:
Ineke van der Wal

Dutch School and Art